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color tunnel

Color Science and Imaging Labs at NC State University

Color is all around us and is a critical factor in the production and retail of goods. Clothing, plastics, automobiles, food and beverages, cosmetic products, and electronic devices are among the common range of products that require coloration in some form.

Exploring the color of life!

Color science comprises the study of human color perception, as well as specification, quantification and reproduction of color by means of dyeing, printing, and through electronic media which include television, and photography. Individuals responsible for the design and selection of colors, those dealing with production and quality control, and others responsible for the retail or purchase of colored material need to establish an objective means of communication of color to avoid delays, maximize efficiency and improve consumer satisfaction. Clearly color science entails so many disciplines of learning from physiology, and psychology to mathematics, chemistry and physics that an adequate understanding of the topic requires collaboration and a multidisciplinary team of researchers.